Its all about good food

Robert Weger, Beginning Journalism Writer

Before my grandpa retired, he worked at the post office downtown. My grandma and I
would often go to the Arby’s on 1st Avenue and get lunch to eat with my grandpa on his break.
Some of my favorite childhood memories involve my grandparents and an Arby’s lunch.
Although my grandpa has been retired for almost ten years now, Arby’s is still a great place to
get fast food.
One of the best features of Arby’s is their variety of food. “We have the meats” isn’t just a
slogan. Arby’s menu features fish, chicken, turkey, bacon, ham, beef, steak, and brisket. They
have many different sandwiches ranging everywhere from crispy chicken, to roast beef, to a
smokehouse brisket sandwich. If that doesn’t sound good enough, they also serve chicken strips,
wraps, and salads, and sides. Their curly fries are a side that goes well with anything on the
menu. I’ve had curly fries at a number of other places, but nobody does curly fries better than
Arby’s. Add that with a soda or an amazing handcrafted shake to complete an Arby’s meal. No
matter what, I guarantee anybody will find something good on the menu because the Arby’s
menu has the best variety, and best food.
The haters say Arby’s has poor service, and that their prices are too high. While there are
more economic choices than Arby’s, nobody makes better food. When push comes to shove it’s
all about how good the food tastes, and Arby’s is number one. As for the service, all locations
have a bell that says “If your service was great, please ring the bell.” More often than not I find
myself ringing that bell as I walk away from the counter.

So when it comes to fast food , I’ve never gone wrong with Arby’s. They have friendly,
and fast service. The menu has a wide range to choose from, and their food is straight up
delicious. So the best option for fast food is Arby’s.

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