Burritos are better than tacos

Shane Pins, Opinion Writer

Photo by: Bing Images

The battle between the two tortillas: you are in a rush and you are starving and you want some food immediately. You see Pancheros and you go there. You have a choice of ordering a burritoor a taco. What do you pick? Well of course you should get the burrito! With a burrito you get lots of more space for what you want in it and it’s way bigger than a taco. A burrito takes you a good five to ten minutes to eat it. But with a taco it takes you two to four minutes to eat it. You are getting your money’s worth when you get a burrito. It’s waybigger and you get filled up and you know you just had an amazing meal. At Panchero’s, a burrito costs $6.50, while two tacos cost $4.95. But you are getting way more food in that burrito than you are with those two lazy tacos. You’re only paying an extra $1.50 to get two times as much as you would with two tacos. The burrito can hold way more stuff and you get more tortilla in the first place. Also that the tortilla can stretch around all your ingredients unlike a taco where it doesn’t cover all the ingredients. The burrito is so worth your money. I encourage you to really think about this one. The burrito is less messy than the taco is. When you eat it you don’t get messy because it’s all in that one big tortilla. But when you get tacos, the insides are exposed. So when you take a bite out of your taco, you have a 50% chance of some of your ingredients falling out onto your plate or even worse, onto you. With burritos you can get rice, beans, queso, lettuce, corn, pico, tomato, cheese, sour cream, salsa, veggies, an assortment of meats like steak, chicken, beef and many more. While with tacos you most likely won’t get rice, you can mostly get the same stuff as the burritos. You don’t want too much toppings because then the taco will overflow and it will be hard to eat, unlike the burrito where it can hold a lot more toppings than a taco can. Also, let’s say it’s six a.m.: you are starving before school starts. Well it’s your luck because there are also breakfast burritos! These can include eggs, veggies, cheese and more healthy variants. You have your breakfast made out for you and you’re feeling better than ever. So there are regular tacos, breakfast tacos and other sorts of tacos at restaurants with different ingredients that we don’t eat all the time. But with burritos there are a way more huge variety of them. Like Korean barbecue burritos, sushi-rittos, pho-ritos, and way more fun and cool burritos people have made to be different. People haven’t made fun and cool tacos like that. Burritos let people be so creative with what they want or can make. You have plenty of space on the tortilla to let your heart get whatever it desires. Either kind of burrito you’re going to get, it is guaranteed, “mmmm yummy”! You can never get enough of a burrito. It’s just too good to turn down and wherever you hear someone even talk about a burrito, your mouth starts to water. So stop being so stubborn and go get a burrito now! It’s worth your time, money, effort and energy to go get it, so do!