Downfall of Rory Gilmore

Luci Nguyen, News Assistant Editor

Image from Bing Images.

On the surface, Rory Gilmore is just your average 16-year-old girl with dreams and aspirations of going to Harvard. The show, ‘‘Gilmore Girls’’, follows the relationship between Rory and her 32-year-old mom, Lorelai, who are residents of Stars Hollow, a small town in Connecticut. Gilmore Girls is initially charming at first, however as seasons progress, the charm starts to fade and suddenly you find yourself realizing the only redeeming factor of Gilmore Girls is Jess Mariano (for many reasons which I will not disclose). Rory’s character is flawed. That in itself is a fact. We all know that Rory’s first love interest was Dean Forester, but her feelings changed after meeting Jess. I don’t find her changing her feelings to be a problem, however, it was how she handled the situation and never ended things properly with Dean. She seriously has an infidelity streak, kissing Jess while she was with Dean, cheating with Dean even when he was married, and being unfaithful to her boyfriend Paul with her other old ex, Logan, who was also engaged to another woman. I haven’t even mentioned all of it. Yet this list is enough to see how Rory seriously needs to get her act together. Another thing is that Rory cannot handle criticism because everyone in her family will always defend her actions no matter what they are. She steals a yacht after she received criticism for her journalism work. At this point, I wanted to throw my remote at the screen. There is no justifiable reason for someone to steal a boat. However, I had to stay and watch whatever ludicrousy comes next. Surely, after stealing a boat, you can’t do anything crazier. Her privilege and entitlement is nauseating. When choosing between Harvard and Yale, she chooses Yale because of her family legacy, even after dedicating her whole life to getting into Harvard. Then the cherry on top: she drops out for a stupid reason. After being told she isn’t good at journalism, she decides to quit school altogether and live inside her wealthy grandparent’s pool house. Her grandfather even set an important job interview for her and she decides not to go because she doesn’t like what she is wearing. The world doesn’t revolve around you Ms. Gilmore; hate to break it to you. I like to believe the writers intended this to be Rory’s character, even as early as the pilot episode. They develop her character as someone who has received praise all throughout their lives, constantly being called talented, smart and perfect. Once they face something they don’t particularly like or criticism, they break down. Her character really shows how privilege can only bring you so far and that the only thing that can help you in the long run is your ability to face adversity and keep on moving forward, a thing that Rory doesn’t particularly understand yet. All in all, don’t be discouraged from watching “Gilmore Girls” after this. There are plenty of other characters worth watching for.