The best fast-food around

Kieran Coe, Beginning Journalism Writer

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What is the the first thing you think of when you hear the words “fast food?” There’s a good
chance you immediately thought of the king of fast food: McDonald’s. With about 37,000
restaurants worldwide, it’s one of the most popular places to grab a bite.
McDonald’s has been serving satisfied customers since 1940, being one of the first places
ever to serve fast food. Through its amazing food and great prices it has grown into a huge
corporation, with locations in every state, and every continent (with the exception of Antarctica).
Also, McDonald’s has claimed the title of the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, serving
over 69 million customers daily.
Some people think McDonald’s isn’t the best choice for getting food because it’s really
unhealthy. This is completely false, or at least when it comes to other fast food places; when
comparing McDonald’s Big Mac to Wendy’s Dave’s Single, Burger King’ Whopper, and Five
Guys’ Classic Hamburger, the Big Mac has less calories and less grams of fat than all of
Unlike other companies, McDonald’s listens to its customers. A large complaint was that
people wanted to enjoy McDonald’s breakfast, but couldn’t if it was past 10:30 am. McDonald’s
replied by implementing all-day breakfast in 2016, and still is serving all-day breakfast today.
The real shining star of McDonald’s though is that, without a doubt, it has the best french
fries available. I will sometime go to McDonald’s solely for some fries to munch on. For only
$1.39 my day is instantly better. There is no other fast food eating establishment out there with
fries that can rival McDonald’s.
Whether you’re a fan of the Big Mac, the Chicken McNuggets, the McDonald’s fries, or the
all-day breakfast, McDonald’s wide variety of food will win anyone over. McDonald’s is the most
well-known fast food restaurant chain, and for good reason. Its fast food is the best there is.

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The best fast-food around