Golden child

Anna Tanko, Opinion Writer

It feels pretty good when your sister’s friends call you “Little Tanko” or a teacher you have never met recognizes you. However, when you’re just a junior and your teacher asks you to write about how great your sister was, that is when you might wish you were an only child. When you end up doing all the same activities and coaches compare the two of you, you might wish you were an only child. When mean girls in your grade gossip about you to your older sister and guys compare your appearance until you hate the way you look, you might wish you were an only child. For some reason the youngest or younger siblings tend to be in the shadow of their older siblings for so long it starts to be debilitating. You may look the same but no one recognizes the fact that your minds are totally different. I cannot speak from experience, but I’m sure twins and oldest children deal with some of the same issues. So, my question is, why don’t people recognize that you have a lot of the same DNA but none of the same thoughts? Why was I compared to a sister physically when she was two years older than me? Why does it feel so bad to not get the same academic awards on the fridge and be the only kid to need a 504 in your family? Personally, my sisters and I could not be more different. Do not get me wrong. I love my sisters. but I am not them. My parents may see us all the same but why does the rest of the world need to compare us? It is hard enough comparing yourself to kids in your grade but what about someone older than you who can do school without special papers and has had more experience in your sports and looks alike but not exactly the same? Most middle and youngest kids share the struggle of comparing themselves to their older siblings even if no one does it for them. Every decision they make, the younger child feels like they have to do as good or better than the oldest child despite the fact that they may be older and have more experience. However, despite your DNA you are two completely differentpeople even if people say otherwise. You do not have to be the golden child and neither does your older sibling. Everyone compares themselves to other people but you can train yourself out of it. Recognizing that anyone who holds your value based on how good you are compared to anyone else is not worth your time is a great first step.