Puppy love

Shane Pins, Opinion Writer

Everyday when I come home from school I run to my dog, Lucky, who is anxiously waiting, barking, and doing circles in his kennel. I get to let him out and he jumps all over me while panting because he works himself up so much while waiting in his kennel. He gives me dog kisses, I scratch his belly and back and we run outside to go to the bathroom. The day I found out about getting a dog was the best day ever. I was given a letter on Christmas Day saying that my family could get a dog and I was able to pick what dog we got. So we researched for a couple of days and we spotted Lucky. I was in love with him from the beginning, so we got him a couple days after Christmas. I was the happiest kid on the face of the earth. Ever since we got him, Lucky and I grew up as a pair together. We go on walks together, we play together, we eat together, and we sleep together on my bed. Lucky has been one of the best things to ever happen to me and I am so grateful that he has been in my life. Except when you have a pet, comes great responsibility and lots of time consumption by your pet. An anonymous person said, “I love animals, but having a pet is too much work and they take up so much time. If you want to go on a vacation you have to find someone to watch them. You have to walk them, feed them, play with them, make sure they are well loved. If you can’t promise those things to an animal that you want to be your pet, you shouldn’t get one.” The prices of pets can be higher too, you have to pay for their food, vet visits, toys, accessories, haircuts, and so much more. Pets rely on us for everything, they are just like newborn babies. They rely on us, and if you can’t fulfill what they need, you shouldn’t be responsible for a pet. At the end of the day, everyone should have a pet in their life because they bring so much laughter and joy for you and for others. They make you laugh when you’re having a bad day, and they are there for you always, they love you so much. You don’t have to get a dog or cat either. There are fish, hamsters, reptiles, Guinea pigs and so many more pets for you to explore with. Pets take up a lot of time, but there are pet sitters that will help out with that, or you have family or friends that can help you out whenever you need. If you are very busy, don’t get a dog because you can’t fulfill giving them a lot of love and attention, you should get a lower scale pet like a hamster or a fish. Hamsters are only really active at night, unless you wake it up during the day to feed it or play with it. There are very many pet options to fit your schedule, and a pet will make every day a great day. Everyone should have a pet in their lives because they bring so many qualities that a person can’t bring to the table and they will help and listen to you anytime you want.