Love for the game

Seth Williams, Sports Writer

Success is defined as, “The accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” At the beginning of each season, every individual and team commits themselves to a goal and strives to achieve it. However, most fail to reach that goal. When a team or individual starts to routinely reach theirgoals, like the Xavier Boys Tennis Team, they become successful. Xavier has had many successful sports teams and programs, including the boys tennis team. This years’ seniors include: Declan Coe, Hugh Courter, Brady Horstmann and Trenton Link. They have been members of the team since they were freshmen. That year, Xavier won the 2019 team state championship. The 2020 seasonwascanceledduetothe COVID-19 pandemic but the team continued to improve and repeated with another state championship in 2021. Senior Captain Brady Horstmann (X22) was a part of both championship teams, along with winning a doubles championship with Matthew Schmit (X21) last season. “I’m excited about the team aspect, it’s the 4th year for us seniors. It’s an exciting time,” Horstmann said. “I would personally like to make it to individual state and for the team I hope we can fight for another championship.” Xavier’s continued success stems from the incredible leadership shown from each senior class. Ryan Schmit (X23) has learned a lot from the class of 2022. “I have always looked up to the seniors on the team as role models because they put in the work all offseason and have always held me accountable for doing the same,” Ryan said. “When they leave they will have left a huge impact on the team in their 4 years at Xavier.” While competition is the first way many will determine if a team is successful or not, there are many other things that teams can be successful at. A successful high school team may not be a team that wins a state championship but rather a team that allows students to create lifelong friendships or gives students a place to practice new skills. “My favorite part of the team is having fun on van rides and going out to eat with the team,” Ryan Schmit said. “I am a part of a team that all gets along and has each other’s back and we have a good time together.” The Xavier tennis team may not remember every match they won 30 years from now but they will remember the memories they made with their teammates. The Saints play their next game on Saturday, April 9 at 9:00 a.m. against Cedar Falls at the University of Northern Iowa.