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If you have been told to wait until you finish your shampoo and conditioner at the same time, I am so sorry. If you have not heard that phrase or do not understand the feeling, that’s ok, you do not have to. Whether or not you understand the phrase, this may be something you need to hear. I already finished my shampoo and conditioner at the same time, I shared my cookie recipe, I gave back that one friend’s clothes I had for months and I went stargazing again. I know how it feels to finish everything you have been told to wait for. However, the thing about that list is it has no end. You still have so much left to do. That list might get you through the night or the week but you need to start living for you. I understand how much it hurts to write the letters and zone out in class because you keep going through the motions. I understand not remembering anything from the previous day because they all melt together.Nevertheless, the shampoo and conditioner is pointless. It is about giving yourself some time to work on one thing. It is really about transitioning your focus to one small thing to keep you going. The list is never ending because you will always have more to do and fulfill your purpose. You still have to fix that grade. You still have to try that one Pinterest recipe. You still have to see what job you end up with. You still have to go to college. You still have to decorate your first apartment. You still have to go on that road trip with your friends you planned. You still have to wait until you stop being scared. Although you might be scared, and you have a right to be, you are going to be ok. However, you get to work on yourself right now. During this time you can be selfish with your time and your energy. No one is entitled enough to tell you how to live or who you need to be around. Forget the feeling of having to do everything for everyone, forget about the boxes you have to fit in to satisfy people around you and forget about feeling responsible for other people’s emotions. Not everyone is entitled to experience you, so do what you need to do to keep yourself safe. Do not listen to how other people view the situation. It never helps. No one knows how to fill your shoes except you. Breathe right now and remember you still have more on the never ending list.