Basket Run

Shane Pins, Opinion Writer

Sunday morning on Easter, I would sprint out of bed and run to my parents’ room. I would be jumping all over them trying to wake them up because I was so full of excitement. I would grab my green easter basket that my mom let me buy and I would run all around upstairs, downstairs and to my backyard while running around trying to find all of the eggs hidden, I thought this was the most fun thing ever. I would be checking in every spot, with some being buried under rocks and others behind a pillow. I had so much fun and got to make so many fun memories with my family. There are so many other ways to make fun memories with people during the Easter season and one of them is the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt! Snapchat came out with an at home Easter egg hunt for everyone to participate in. To do this, you simply go to your snap maps and look all around the world for eggs. Once you find an egg you like, you can add it to your Easter egg basket. You can look for normal Easter eggs that are worth one point or you can dig deeper into the world map and look for shiny eggs, which are worth five points. Once you open your egg, you get an Easter bunny that celebrates with you and awards you the corresponding points of the egg color that you hatched. You can also gamble your eggs by putting up a certain amount of eggs. You can either lose egg points or gain a bunch. The most fun part about this is that you compete against your friends on Snapchat. All you have to do is add each other as friends and let the games begin. You have until a certain date to collect as many egg points as possible. Lastly, there is a world ranking, which tells you the top people around the world who have the most points. Although, you don’t get any prize or anything out of this, only bragging rights. “I don’t like Snapchat Easter egg hunt at all. It’s so pointless, all you’re doing is scrolling around on your phone, clicking on eggs and getting points that don’t mean anything. If there was a prize along with it, I’d like it, but all you’re doing is sitting down and staring at your phone. I would rather go outside and search for eggs and run around and have so much fun.” an anonymous source said. However, it does give you fun memories competing with your friends on Snapchat and collecting all sorts of fun Easter items and bunnies. Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt allows me to connect and have fun with friends and family, and even though we are not together, we are still having fun. We get to travel the world on our phones and play all sorts of games to get eggs and collect really fuzzy easter bunnies as an online pet. Easter egg hunts in person and on Snapchat are different because the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt doesn’t have the qualities of an in person Easter egg hunt. Being outside and seeing everyone laugh and run around to see how many eggs they can get is something I’d never trade for the world. Instead of staring at our phones clicking to collect eggs, we get to use the camera to capture these moments in our lives we will forever keep. Snapchat can’t do that. The original Easter egg hunt is the best way to do it and nothing will ever come close to that. So many families do Easter egg hunting so it will never be replaced. Also, Snapchat must’ve just forgotten about the most competitive part about Easter egg hunting, the golden egg. The amount of rivalry and adrenaline that happens when people look for the golden egg is unbelievable. You have to sprint, dig and climb to try and find this egg that contains a prize that is worth looking for. Although nothing will ever beat the real thing, Snapchat is a great alternative to the real Easter egg hunt.