“The Play that Goes Wrong”

Isabella Anderson and

Imagine a play where everything that could possibly go wrong will go wrong. This is the premise of this year’s spring play, “The Play That Goes Wrong.” The premise of this play is, as its name suggests, a play that goes wrong. This play is “a play within a play,” featuring an eight piece cast of British actors and techies who are supposed to be putting on a serious murder mystery, “The Murder at Haversham Manor.” Throughout the show, many things start to go awry, and the actors keep on trying to perform and push through the various troubles that occur. According to the Drama Department Director, Mr. Mike Cervantes, this play is filled with many humorous moments and surprises. “I chose to perform this play this year because it is the funniest play I have ever seen,” Cervantes said. “I think that this play will make audiences roll on the floor with laughter. It is that funny!” Many of the performers involved in this play are also looking forward to performing this in front of an audience to see how they will react. Jaxson Segriff, a sophomore who is taking on the role of an inept techie, expressed his excitement for putting on this play. “What I am most excited about is the audience’s reactions because there are many surprises,” Segriff said. “I think people will really enjoy watching this because you’ll never know what’s going to happen next or what’s going to go wrong.” Although the title may be “The Play That Goes Wrong,” there are many challenges involved so that this play does not actually go wrong, one of these challenges being that the actors must act serious throughout it. “Even though the play is supposed to be very funny, the actors can’t act like it is a comedy.” Cervantes said. “One of the biggest challenges is that throughout it, the actors must act like they are putting on a serious play and avoid giggling or laughing because that will ruin the comedic moments the way it is intended to be.” Another big challenge in putting on this play is all the work that has gone into building the intricate sets of this play to ensure that nothing actually goes wrong. “We found out that set-wise, this is the most difficult play that we have ever done,” Cervantes said. “Our set builders, Rod and Mark, are working really hard to design all of our set pieces, which is not an easy task. I won’t spoil anything that happens, butt here are many stunts in this play that require heavy set involvement!” Saints can watch these sets and actors in action on April 8, 9 and 10. Prepare for many surprises in the play!