The thrill of thrifting

Ashley Sattler, A&E Writer

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the average American throws away around 60 to 80 pounds of clothes every year; 85% of which are either dumped into landfills or burned. These numbers have alarmed shoppers in recent years and led to the popularization of thrifting. Thrifting most commonly refers to the hobby of buying items, especially clothing, from a second-hand store to keep foroneself or sell for a higher price. For Xavier High School senior, John Efting, and his twin brother Luke, thrifting has become a favoritehobbyoftheirs.Their process includes going to a thrift store, usually Goodwill, finding clothing that seems vintage or modern,“flip”them and sell the clothes on eBay or Depop. They can turn a shirt worth $1 into $25 with a few adjustments to the design and with the help of websites that are designed for buying and selling used clothing. “My older sister took me to the thrift store when I was in 8th grade, and she had an account on an app called ‘Depop’, a great app for vintage and modern used clothing,”John Efting said. “Ever since then I loved the idea because I love finding historical pieces from the past, like a 1996 Kiss tour shirt; that was my favorite find ever. Ultimately it’s a hobby for me and I’m making money while doing what I love.” A big reason the Eftings continue to pursue this hobby is because of its positive impact on the environment. John believes fast fashion companies, like SHEIN, have worse quality clothing as compared to in-store clothing and create much more waste.With so many Americans discovering the benefits of thrifting in recent years, John has developed a strategy for finding the best thrifts. “My strategy to find the best clothes is to go often. Thrifting has become super popular, so it’s important to be consistent and to not give up after not finding something cool,” John Efting said. “It takes lots of thrift trips to find the best items, but it’s totally worth it. I recommend going to the Goodwill Outlet store. It just opened up a few months ago and everything is super cheap and priced by the pound.” Thrifting has been a common hobby in the Efting household, as Luke thrifts and John’s sister, Annie (X16) introduced them to it years ago. When asked what she thought of their taking after her, Annie was enthusiastic about it. “I think it’s great! It’s a good side gig to make some extra cash. They are so young so the possibility it could turn into something bigger someday would be super cool. If they keep grinding during college they could become super successful with it, Annie Efting said. Luke and John have continued to expand their thrifting platforms and hope to get a wider variety of clothing this year. Luke and John’s clothing can be found @vhca on Depop and @rapid_vintage on Instagram. They are always accepting messages to learn more about purchasing from them.