Shane Pins, Opinion Writer

Spring break is a perfect milestone for students to look forward to. It helps students stay motivated by counting down the days to spring break and it gives everyone a mental break, allows us to relax and get ready for summer! Spring break is the perfect time for everyone to be able to travel around the world or just stay at home and chill. When we are allowed to stay in the country or go outside of the country, it allows us to make new memories and enjoy whatever weather we are having, especially in a place closer to the equator with palm trees and a body of water. Spring break should never be taken away because it will make students less motivated, take away family time and not giving us a taste of what summer will feel like. Some colleges, high schools, middle schools and elementary schools are not having spring breaks this year and did not have it last year, as well. They did not have a spring break due to COVID-19; they don’t want their students to go places in or outside of the country and bring an illness back with them to school to be spread. In the previous years, schools did not have spring break because it wasn’t built into their school year; they do not have spring break which allows their students to get out of school a week earlier, so their students can have a longer summer break to hangout with friends or family. I have had great memories on the spring breaks I have taken, especially when I was in seventh grade, my cousins and I went to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. I flew down to see my great grandmother in Cape Coral. My cousins and I got to swim and go to the beach and just have a blast. We headed down to Orlando for two days and created some of my favorite memories. From riding a roller coaster that goes seventy miles an hour to eating a soft pretzel with cheese, I had the best time of my life with my cousins and I made so many memories I will never forget. Schools without the chance of going on spring break are missing out on experiences like this and I feel bad for them. They should be given the chance to go out and make new memories with friends or family or laugh so hard that they cannot breathe. If they have no break within their full second semester, that is going to be a seemingly endless semester. Students start to burn out quickly toward the end of the school year. They stay up late and get pounded with homework. Spring break lets everyone re-fuel and get ready for the remainder of the semester and improves students’ grades. Xavier has really helped us out here and does give students and their families a chance to go out or stay in on spring break. Without spring break, I would have never made any of those memories, not everyday is guaranteed, so we should make the best of every day we live. Spring break gives us the opportunity to make memories with friends and family, have fun, and just relax. Those memories will be carried with us our whole lives, so make all the memories you can with the people you love.