Chain of positivity

Marissa Rushton, Opinion Writer

Everyone has good days and bad; there will always be both sunshine and rain but a small act of kindness could bring a rainbow to someone’s stormy day. Basic kindness should be a bare minimum but is often considered going the extra mile. Maybe you are polite, but are you kind? There is a huge difference. While holding the door open for someone when they are right behind you or they are carrying something is a kind and polite thing to do, everyone should try to go the extra mile to be kind. That is a polite gesture but a kind person would hold the door for someone even if they have to wait a few seconds for them to catch up. This simple action can make the other person smile or even make their day. You never know what they were thinking or going through earlier in the day. Being kind is such a simple thing yet it is still hard for some people. It can be as easy as taking turns in the car line or letting someone in front of you. While it adds an extra thirty seconds to your drive, it could save them ten minutes, not to mention that you are saving everyone behind them time as well. This simple act of kindness could be the difference between being late and getting to class on time, or being late to pick up a sibling and getting there right on time. Something as easy as letting another car in front of you in a busy parking lot or on the corner of a busy street creates a positive chain reaction, whether that be a class undisrupted by tardy students, saving time for everyone behind one car in line, or a happy younger sibling because they were picked up on time. Even if it only took you ten seconds, it can make more than one person’s day. Being kind does not always mean an action. It can be shown through words as well. Complimenting someone is a way to bring up another person and make them feel good about themselves. A lot of talented and beautiful people do not get complimented often because everyone assumes they already know or that someone else has already told them. While this may be true in some situations, you never know and no one has ever complained about receiving validation or compliments. If you like something about someone, tell them. They would probably love to hear it. Maybe someone wore a new outfit or styled their hair differently that day and they feel a little self-conscious or nervous about it—you could be the person that makes them feel confident and happy. One person can hold that power and it is amazing what kindness can do. Another way of using words to spread kindness is simply talking to someone and asking how their day is going. Sometimes people just need to talk to feel better about things or reassured that everything is going to be okay. Telling someone about a bad day could take a little pressure off of them and talking about their good day could make them feel even better. An amazing way to really spark joy in another person is through quality time; maybe this person is lonely and you ask them to sit with you or they feel left out and you ask them to hangout or spend time with you. This is something that is not as easy as some other things like a small compliment or saying hello but can really make a big difference, whether you realize it or not. No matter what you choose to do, kindness can flip someone’s whole day around. You are able to help other people feel happy, loved and appreciated. Why wouldn’t you use that power for good?