Dwight: BFF

Anna Tanko, Opinion Writer

If you have watched The Office as many times as I have, you understand the best friendship in the whole series is the friendship between Pam and Dwight, two employees at Dunder Mifflin. Every girl deep down will probably agree when sometimes you just want to hear the truth. When it comes to how you look or if a dumb guy cares about you, it is nice to not have advice be sugar coated. There are moments in the show where Dwight is the only one being totally honest with Pam. She can really open up to him and tell him things because she knows he will actually be honest with her. He is the kind of blunt friend you need when you are down. He is very defensive of her, which we all need from time to time. He helps vandalize the truck of someone who painted over Pam’s mural, and threatens to hurt anyone who makes her cry. While Dwight is going through a breakup and concussion, Pam takes care of him and goes out of her way to help make his day better. When Dwight is being rude or offensive, he is easy to prank with things such as the mega desk in S6 E19 or the identity theft in S3 E21. It can be hard when sometimes people just do not tell you the truth, which is why having an honest friend you can truly be your true self around for when you want to vandalize a truck. On the other hand, he can be very toxic because he makes it very apparent that he hates women and can be very insulting. Overall, they have a great dynamic for pranking other people and never keeping their relationship mushy-gushy (overly affectionate and saying whatever to make you feel better). Personally, I do not like mushy-gushy friendships or relationships. Too much affection just feels fake. When you are at your lowest sometimes you do not want a hug or someone to tell you everything is gonna be okay. Sometimes you just want a vengeful, offensive, Amish guy to give you a pat on the back and help you put office supplies in jello.