Fashion that kills

Marissa Rushton, Opinion Writer

Rushton posing with family at a lake on the 4th of July, wearing thrifted clothing

Fast fashion is commonly known as cheap, trendy clothing or knockoffs based on runway and celebrity culture. This is where high end clothing styles meet cheap and more accessible options. Many Instagram and TikTokinfluencers have given the impression that you can’t wear the same outfit twice or wear the same pieces of anoutfit multiple times because repeating trends is seen as bad. People who believe this have full closets and they don’t want to waste all their money on nice clothing; their solution is buying very inexpensive clothes from websites like Shein and then throwing it away after they’ve worn it. Some stores are able to sell articles of clothing for as cheap as only $1.00 because of the way the clothing is produced. Shein, Forever21 and even more have been known to be culprits of violating and ignoring labor work laws. They hire people who are desperate for money or a job that will agree to wages close to nothing. Some other companies even illegally hire children and pay them even less than the adults make. These websites and stores make much money off of teens who ignore the fact that these companies are treating and paying their employees unfairly. Fast fashion is also known for having a bad reputation when everybody throws out their clothes after one use. Landfills fill up quickly with all the clothing. This is horrible for our environment and could easily be avoided if people realized what they are doing when they throw away clothes. Not only is it bad for the environment but it also is a waste of money and space. Think about what we could use the land for instead: parks, neighborhoods, grocery stores, etcetera. The possibilities are endless. There are many things that we can do to build our economy and save the environment considering the current fashion trends. Don’t throw away clothes that can still be used or worn; you can rewear outfits or create different outfits with the same articles of clothing you already own. If you do decide you really don’t want some of your clothes, you should donate them instead. There will always be someone that would love your old clothes, whether that be the needy or those who choose to buy used clothes or thrift instead of buying directly from the large company stores. Another great option is buying local from stores who have unique clothing that would love your business. Buying used clothes is also a wonderful thing to do especially if you want something one of a kind and help the environment all at the same time. No matter the situation, everyone should do their best to do their part and help our environment especially when it’s as easy as finding a new place to buy your clothes.