Squid game review

Lauren Runde, A&E Assistant Editor

Intense. This is the word I would use to describe “Squid Game,” a dystopian television show in Korean that dropped on Netflix September 17, 2021. Although the show is in Korean, it has been dubbed over in German, English, Spanish, and French, but English subtitles are available for those who want to watch the original Korean version. The show follows main character Seong Gi-Hun and 455 others who are severely in debt and decide to participate in a series of deadly children’s games, one of those games being Red Light, Green Light, in order to win a $38 million cash prize. “Squid Game” is currently the top ranked show in the United States on Netflix. The show is on its way to overtaking Netflix’s current most watched television show, “Bridgerton.” Ted Sarandos, the Netflix co- CEO mentioned during a business conference that the Korean horror series “will definitely be our biggest non-English language show in the world, for sure . . . a very good chance it’s going to be our biggest show ever.” The real question to be asked is, what makes the show so different and so much more successful? According to Dong-hyuk Hwang, director and writer of the series, it is the fact that because the rules of the games are so simple, being that they are children’s games, it allows viewers to dive more into the complexities of the characters. Hwang went on to say that many people are fascinated with the chilling irony of how these grown adults risk their lives for money while playing children’s games. Personally, what I believe is so compelling about“SquidGame”is how beneath the gruesome scenes, it covers many hard hitting topics, such as inequality, capitalism, betrayal, greed, sacrifice, and morality. The characters are desperate enough for money that they are willing to put their lives on the line. The show will keep you on your toes with the several plot twists that will leave you in disbelief. “I think that the show is really different from other shows on Netflix right now. There are a lot of likable characters in the show along with a super interesting storyline that made the show super enjoyable. I would recommend the show to lots of people,” said Xavier High School Senior Natalie Selensky. I would have to agree, the show is unlike anything I have watched before. I would definitely recommend this show to others, but it is intense and grotesque, so viewer discretion is advised. As of now a season 2 has yet to be confirmed.

Park Hae-soo in the Netflix original series, Squid Game. Bing Images.