Art club returns

Isabella Anderson, A&E Writer

As actor Demetri Martin once said, “The ‘Earth’ without ‘art’ is just an ‘eh.” Xavier’s returning Art Club is working to make the earth a little less “eh!” Ever since the pandemic, the art club has not been around and the previous senior presidents have left. Many students have been wondering if it will ever return, and seniors Sydney Ward and Katie Smith have stepped up to bring this club back to life. “So many people were asking if the Art Club was going to return,” president of the art club, Sydney Ward, said. “Katie and I decided to bring it back, since it was a lot of fun in the past.” The two senior leaders and art teachers Mr. Jonathan Berger and Mrs. Anessa Jordan are planning many events for this club throughout the year. “Some ideas we had were things like: making stickers or buttons for Valentines Day, posters for upcoming events, carving pumpkins, decorating ornaments, and maybe do a mural on campus,” Katie Smith, vice president of the Art Club, said. “Although, students can work on other projects if they want to.” The Art Club leaders also discussed the possibility of having some field trips outside of school to give students the ability to go out into the community and experience art. Some of the locations that they plan on going are: the Cedar Rapids Art Museum, Des Moines Art Center and local artist’s studios. The first Art Club meeting took place on October 7 after school in the art room, where students were able to make their own art club themed buttons and posters. “This first meeting was lots of fun,” Jaxson Segriff, sophomore art club member, said. “I was able to make some doodles and have fun with friends.” Ward is hoping that the Art Club will offer a safe space for students to share their artistic talents and to improve upon them. “Everyone is welcome, and you don’t need to be in an art class or good at art to join. Anybody can join it,” Ward said. “I want to be able to use Art Club as a safe space for students to be able to have fun and create art with friends!” The art teachers also agreed with Ward and hope that the Art Club will be a place where students can use their creative abilities and bond over a common interest. Art Club is planning on meeting every other Wednesday after school from 2 to 3 p.m.