Reused and Recycled

Lauren Runde, Assistant A&E Editor

Recycled. That is the word that came to people’s mind when they began to realize that Shawn Mendes’ music video for his song “Summer of Love” was a bit too similar to Harry Styles’ video for his song “Golden.” S h a w n Mendes is a well known singer who first became popular through his hit single “Stitches.” Since then, he has released several hit singles and also has been the youngest male artist to have four albums top the US Billboard 200. As for Harry Styles, his claim to fame began in a boy band called One Direction. One Direction became wildly popular after their hit single “What Makes You Beautiful” and stayed popular throughout all five of their albums. One Direction also became the first band to have five albums debut at number one on the Billboard Top 10, breaking a record that had been set by The Beatles. Unfortunately, back in 2016 the band split up and all five members, including Harry Styles, left to pursue their own goals. From then on, Styles has had several hit singles and has topped the charts on more than one occasion. Both being very well known, it didn’t take long for fans to notice the similarities between both music videos. The color palettes are very alike and both videos have a similar filmy aesthetic. People took notice of these similarities and had lots of good and bad things to say about the controversy. One online critic said, “Yeah what a crime. Harry Styles is such an original.” Meanwhile, another critic said, “Art is about stealing other people’s ideas and making them your own.” There definitely is a wide range of opinions over the “Summer of Love” music video, but while it may seem like they are all negative, that is not the case. While there are some fans who are upset about the video and believe it is a rip-off, some fans admire that they are similar because they love the “Golden” music video. People are excited to see Mendes doing some of the great things that Styles has done. Neither artist has commented on the situation.