Tackle the competition?

Jaleah Klein, Health & Lifestyle Editor

Eight? Twelve? Five? When is that right time to start playing tackle football? Right now the minimum age for tackle football is five. I think that should be changed to twelve. We know now that football can be dangerous especially with head injuries that can last your whole life. Why would we let a five year old take that risk at such a young age? Another reason it should start later is because as a five year old you might not know the correct form for tackling but, as you grow older, it becomes safer because you are more mature and understand how to tackle correctly. Some people might be worried about their children falling behind if they are not enrolled in tackle football from a young age but there is a great alternative: flag football. Kids can still learn all the fundamentals of football without the risk of serious injury or brain damage. Many people say players are better if they start with flag football instead because they have more developed skills outside of tackling. The brain is still undergoing development as a child and tackle football compromises this. I believe flag football should take the place of tackle football until age twelve. Join me in this belief and fight for a required age to start tackle football.