Thank u, next

Ethan Williams

One of the pivotal cultural moments during my time in high school came sophomore year with the release of pop superstar Ariana Grande’s smash hit, “thank u, next”. The song discusses how to overcome hardships and persevere.

So much attention is put on high school. We grow up watching American classics like “The Breakfast Club’’, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”, and “High School Musical’’, which are supposed to represent the ultimate high school experience. But in reality, high school is mostly just four years of awkward experiences and dumb decisions you joke about in the future. The pressure to be the star athlete, have a 4.0 and to make good choices is very unrealistic. I personally have worried too much about the materialistic parts of high school instead of the human part. My goal for my senior year was to enjoy the small things and be able to look back with pride.

This brings me to my advice to anyone reading: “Thank u, next”. High school is four years long. The best part of life is just about to begin.

In the next 10 years, the majority of us graduating will get married, have kids and start careers that challenge us to greatness. If you didn’t have good grades, had bad friends or just didn’t like the person you were in high school, there is no reason you can’t change. Say “thank u next” to high school and move on to real life.

My final advice is to my younger brother, Seth, try hard and play harder. I am so lucky that I get to call you my best friend. I love you. Two years down, two to go.