The senior “X-Factors”

Ava Hunt

As Tony Robbins, an American author and philanthropist, once said, “The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment.”

The “X-factors” are a group of marketing interns led by Mr. Nick Ireland at Xavier High School. They help with many different aspects of life at Xavier, particularly livestreaming programs and video promotions. This year, this group included four seniors: Kate Burns, Jack Delaney, Stephanie Allen and Jack Goldsmith.

These seniors help Ireland with any tasks necessary around Xavier regarding marketing. One huge role they have played this year has been running livestreams, including those for choir and band concerts, the bags tournament championship, show choir performances and more. Some share what impact they believe they have made.

“I think we made an impact on Xavier by being able to produce quality livestreams, especially duringthepandemicthisyear,”Allen said. “My favorite thing to produce this year was the Grandparents Mass livestream because it was really neat to have a multi-camera setup and I think we were able to make it more meaningful to those watching online.”

These livestreams have impacted a large number of people during this school year with the isolation and distancing that has been mandated.

“It has been really cool to see our projects come to life and be shown to the Xavier community. It has been awesome being able to bring Xavier events to the homes of the students through livestreaming,” Burns said. “It gave grandparents, extended family and friends a chance to see someone play a sport or watch Mass with us at Xavier, which I think is really rewarding that us “X-factors” get to do that. It has also been cool seeing our names published on different articles or projects we have helped out on.”

These seniors have enjoyed seeing their work make an impact in the school and around the Xavier community.

“I think we made a pretty big impact, especially in the way that we helped with multiple online setups and livestreams, which were more present during this pandemic,” Goldsmith said. “Being a part of this group made me feel like I was a big part of Xavier’s social media and I got to be involved in helping Xavier.”

This group has impacted many people throughout the Xavier community with their commitment and dedication,

however, the program itself has impacted them, too. Delaney shares his appreciation towards Ireland and the other “X-factors”.

“I have enjoyed being a part of the ‘X-factors’ because it opened my eyes to all of the behind the scenes work that is done by Mr. Ireland, administration and the Xavier Foundation,” Delaney said. “I gained a lot of appreciation for the work those people do to promote Xavier. I also like working with graphic design and getting to be creative. It is a nice break from my other courses to do things that I might do in a job someday.”

It is said that this group has shared many of their talents with Xavier in order to make it a better place and environment for all students. Like them, go out and make the world a brighter, more positive place.