The last chapter

Anna Schenkel

When I think of Xavier, the only words that come to mind are second home. The place where I’ve laughed and cried, made bonds and forged relationships I’ll never forget and grown up. From a freshman to a senior, Xavier has seen the changes made in not only my looks, but my maturity too. The only appropriate way I can think to end this chapter of my life is by thanking those who made it the best chapter yet.

To my mom, who witnessed my frequent breakdowns over the slightest change in grades or had to listen to me weighing out my college options for the hundredth time, you are my number one supporter, and you are the reason I am who I am today. Thank you for being my best friend. I love you.

To all the Xavier faculty, thank you for dealing with our grade with such poise, because trust me, I know it wasn’t easy. Special shoutouts go to my favorites: Mrs. Burgeson, for teaching me how to write; Mr. Farrell, for Model UN and our amazing House; Mrs. Marshall, for increasing my love for books and helping me with the Bookworms Club; Mrs. Wagner, for reminding me why I love writing; Mrs. Augustine, for believing in me; and Senor Avila, for your passport photo.

To the underclassmen, who may think they have senioritis already (you don’t), I say this: take it all in and remember the little moments. The moments when you had the best APUSH class of your life or when you couldn’t stop laughing during an AP Biology lab. The moments when you felt like you are in the exact place you wanted to be, because those moments don’t come very often, and soon, those moments, with those people, will be gone. Write them down, remember them and think back to them when you are on your next adventure, because this adventure was a great one too.

As I look back on the long Masses and wild pep rallies, the games and shows, the Community Service Days and Kairos retreats, I realize I may be leaving, but it will never leave me. I’ll remember

that basketball game, where I was cheering, that went into five overtimes, the long period of time where the upstairs boys’ bathroom was boarded off and how I feel every time I walk down the Xavier halls knowing it’s one of the last times I will walk down the halls as a student. I will miss Ms. Schrunk’s smooth jazz, Schauby snacks, the JLab and especially Mr. Camacho’s prayers. But most importantly, I will miss every single person in my grade who has become family. I may not talk to everyone, but we have all been here with each other, through the eight period a day schedules and that one year where the school days went until 2:57 for the entire month of April. Through the times when we all wanted to not think about the scary future we’re about to head into or what we’ll do when we don’t have our second home just a short drive away anymore. To them, I say thank you, for not only being by my side, but for being a class I will never forget.

Thank you, Class of 2021. I may have only attended Xavier for four years, but I will forever be a Saint. The next chapter may be exciting, but this chapter was completely and utterly unforgettable. Thank you, Xavier. Until next time.