Social media’s impact

Allie Andrews

So for the past year, I’ve been leaving sticky notes in the girls bathroom (boys need to get on it, you deserve love too). Doing things like this is so beneficial not only for the people around you but doing things for others can really help you get out of a dark place as well.

I started writing these because these messages are what I wish I could have heard when I was not in a great place. I realized, in this time, that you should be the somebody who makes everybody feel like somebody. Everyone is going through something and needs to hear that they are gonna be ok; for example, “food is fuel” helps one realize that what they are putting into their body is nourishing them and not to judge how they look in the mirror because the lighting is actual trash. 

Of course shoving positivity down your throat and saying “everything will be fine just be happy” won’t fix anything and the sticky notes may not have done anything for some people. However, knowing you did your best to give the love people deserve will help you realize you deserve that love too. I’ve heard plenty of things about these notes including people making fun of them in front of me without knowing or saying they made their day better or that someone needed it. 

I encourage everyone to do things like this, and keeping it anonymous reminds you to be humble and that doing something for others should be expected without reward. Leave a letter for a freshman having a hard year, get flowers for drive through workers like Greta Schaub or roses for your friends like Lucy Pfab. Stay in the bathroom with a crying friend like Maegan Reininga has for others. Hype people up like Elyse and Ella Winter. Make people laugh when they’re crying like Jordan Junge, Maddo [Madelynn] Dake or Sara Gundacker. Put others before yourself like Abby Globokar or just be the sunshine everyone needs like Mary Kate Moeder and Eden Campbell. There are so many great people at Xavier and people like you can lift them up. Put yourself out there with nothing but good intentions and you will receive the love you give to others. Remember to drink water and be kind.