Making the most of an atypical year

Lauren Runde

There are always going to be things that come to an end, but memories last forever. 

Xavier Xhilaration’s season has come to an end, and throughout the year, they faced bumps in the road given this year’s circumstances with COVID-19. In a typical year, they would attend four or five competitions, but this year, they attended only one competition with a virtual submission, the Marion Masquerade. Xhilaration received first place in the 4A division and placed third overall. 

Carlie Mauss, a senior and dance captain for Xhilaration, said that this year was very different, but they tried to make the season feel as normal as possible. Mauss also said that they decided to have fun with the small season they were able to have and that they allowed themselves more time to be goofy during rehearsals than they would in a normal year.

Elizabeth Schmitt, also a senior and dance captain, mentioned that this year, they performed and practiced with masks while also social distancing. She also said that there was less pressure on them this year because some schools were not even doing show choir. They were able to worry less and just focus on doing what they love. 

Show choir has brought both Mauss and Schmitt their best friends and has been a passion for both of them for the past seven years. 

“I have made so many incredible memories and will forever cherish my show choir years. It has taught me how to work as a part of a team and helped me grow out of my shell . . . I used to be kind of shy and afraid to sing in front of others, but after being in show choir for many years, I’ve become more outgoing and confident in my abilities,” Mauss said. “It has been an incredibly fun and wild ride . . . and I can’t imagine my high school experience without show choir.” 

This year, Xhilaration was very supportive of one another and they bonded a lot as a team with Schmitt commenting on their “great community.” 

This “great community”, though, expanded even beyond the students to parents and family members who partook in the season, as well. 

 Carlie Mauss’s mom, Karen Mauss, helped with costumes and was a part of the show choir community. 

“Helping with the costume committee made my involvement in show choir so much more memorable! The other costume moms were so fun to work with and it was great to get to know the other students involved in show choir with my daughter. I have so enjoyed watching these talented students over the years and especially enjoy watching the growth of a show from the first performance to the last,” Karen said.

As for Carlie and Elizabeth’s futures in music, Carlie is planning to audition for choir in college and Elizabeth said she will continue to jam out in the car. 

Both are hopeful for next year’s seniors to have some normalcy.

“I have a lot of confidence in our juniors as leaders for next year, but I would advise them to soak in every moment and to enjoy the little things throughout the year. Also, I would tell them to tear up the stage because we didn’t have the chance to this year,” Carlie said. 

Schmitt added her input to the future seniors.

“Juniors,  don’t be afraid to step out and speak up as a leader next year,” Schmitt said. 

Some things have to come to an end, like Xhilaration’s show choir season, but the lessons learned and the memories made can still be remembered and carried on.