Music impact

Mary Clare Bean

In our lives, we rely on the art of music to carry us through life. It doesn’t matter if it is just background music or a song you know word for word, music is part of our lives.

Some people find comfort in creating playlists for specific times or events such as putting together an amazing pregame playlist. Creating those playlists lets them create a surrounding vibe that is inexplicable. Putting those certain songs together is a way for them to put words and feelings into one area so they can express how they truly feel. Sharing that collection of songs can be their way of showing how much they care for another person, putting so much effort in finding the perfect songs that perfectly sum up what the person wanted and how they felt.

A small number of people use their talent of creating those songs for people to enjoy and listen to. These types of people have the power to create lyrics that correlate to their own experiences but can also be related to. They have their own unique style that requires a creative nature. They are willing to put what they’re thinking in their mind and heart into words on paper. In that way, songwriters are so vulnerable because they let whoever is listening know how they are truly feeling. To go with that, the song writers are surrounding themselves with people who are sharing the same experiences or close to the same experience. Country singers don’t write their lyrics or create their melodies for the pop rock listeners etc. 

To others, music is just a constant distraction or burden in the background. Like having to sing or perform a song for your spring concert every year or having to sing in church. While listening to and hearing music is always an option, some turn their cheek and prefer the quiet while they are working or studying. For some with sensory anxiety, music is just too much to handle during everyday things. Or for others, they just can’t figure out what exactly is their music type and eventually just give up. It is sometimes hard to find which genre appeals to you and also keeping up with the new music coming out. Finding new music was always a challenge for me and led me to find older music that I already know and stick with that, however I have not found a way to fix this yet, I think looking at a friends playlist or keep listening to the radio will help. 

I am the person who keeps listening to the same songs and the life of me cannot keep up with the new music that’s coming out. But nothing is better than finding a really good song that you can relate to and share experiences with… until you over play it and eventually ruin the song for yourself. I am one that tends to do that with any song I find remotely good. But in the moment while you’re listening to it, you feel like you are the one living through the song, and that’s what’s so magical about the talent of the songwriters.

The music you listen to can lead you one way or another, the choice is yours. The songs you tell your future children about, the songs you play at your wedding, the songs that can take you back years and make you feel like how old you were when you were listening to it, the songs that can pump you up before a game. Music has the power to change your life or relive it, it just depends on if you let it or not.