My brother, my best friend

Maddie Mautino

“Just remember, I’ll always be on your team.”

When my brother, Nick, and I were younger, it seemed we would only be around each other if none of Nick’s friends were available. Usually, Nick would go play with the neighbors, but I was pretty alone so I tried to tag along as much as possible. On the days where none of the neighbor boys were home or it was raining outside, we always ended up together. Although almost every time we tried to play together it would always end poorly with someone tackling someone or something being thrown at someone.

Despite all the arguments and bickering, I remember just thinking about how cool my brother was and how badly I wanted to be like him. To have people actually put in effort to being my friend was a dream. 

The first time I realized Nick was my best friend was when we moved from Ohio to Iowa in January of 2014. We only had each other, and for once we seemed content with it. No yelling, kicking, hitting, or throwing of objects was really done anymore, and I think that is because we both came to the realization that we were kind of alone but in it together. 

Fast forward to May of 2019, I had made a mistake and it seemed the whole world had turned against me, I was the most alone I had ever been. I remember one day I was in my room and Nick walked in and he said something to me that I will never forget. 

He said, “Just remember you always have me.”

My brother really was, and still is a light shining on me in my darkest times. 

Some may argue that we are only friends by force. I would have to strongly disagree with their opinion because, if we are only friends by force, why would he say that to me? 

Another thing people may disagree with me on is how close we really are. Is this all just an exaggeration? 

I will admit there are times where Nick and I do not see eye to eye, or weeks where we only say two words to each other. Then again, there are times where Nick will sit on the floor of my room at midnight and just talk to me about what’s new and laugh with me, or, sometimes laugh at me. With the bad moments we have, the good ones always make up for it. This has taught me to never take my siblings for granted, they will always be the ones to stick by you when no one else does. 

From eating bird food out of bird feeders, to stuffing our shirts with pillows and running at each other to forcefully collide, Nick has made my life filled with so many adventures and I am blessed to have him as a brother, and even better, my best friend.