Nothing on Netflix

Rachel Schneider

It’s a crisp Sunday afternoon. You don’t have much to do so you head to Netflix. There’s a movie you have in mind to watch but you haven’t had the chance. You look it up assuming Netflix has it, since they have most movies and Tv shows, but this time the movie isn’t on there. You’re disappointed, but ultimately you find something else instead. Does this happen to anyone else?

     With all the tv networks coming out with their own subscription services like HBO Max, Disney Plus, and even YouTube TV, there is little to nothing good on Netflix anymore. I can’t tell if it’s a cash grab or what but these new services make it harder for Netflix to be what it originally was. The streaming service was supposed to be a place where all sorts of tv shows and movies could be streamed with a touch of a button but now most of the more well known shows and movies from the service are gone due to licensing agreements by the newer streaming platforms. “The Office” leaves in 2021, “Friends”has already left and one of my favorites, “Pretty Little Liars” is no longer there. 

   My dad and I love to watch “The Grinch” around the holidays and while we enjoy all renditions of him, our favorites are the original and the 2018 animated movie. Yes, I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but we both don’t really care for the Jim Carey version. Anyways, on December 7 we talked about watching the 2018 film and figured it was most definitely on Netflix. Sure enough, they took the movie off the streaming service on December 4! Why?? They took it off just in time for the holidays too. 

While I can understand that Netflix might not have the rights to some of these shows and movies considering the newer tv services, they should still have a better variety than what they do have right now. To me, the only thing going for Netflix right now is the fact that they have one of my absolute favorite shows: Stranger Things. If it wasn’t for that and a few other shows, Netflix isn’t really working out. They cancel “I Am Not Okay with This,” a show that’s absolutely worth a season 2 but give Riverdale a season 5, even though the story is super weird and the plot holes are so enormous that people from Australia could see it. There’s just too many random titles being put on there and too few titles that are actually good and staying. 

Netflix needs to fix this issue before they start losing subscribers. All these new streaming services and the fact that they are so skimpy with the movies and shows might lead to their downfall.