Supporting girls

Jaleah Klein

“You are enough,” “You look awesome,” “Do what is best for you,” “Do not let that boy on Snapchat define your worth.” If you are a girl at Xavier, chances are you have seen these sticky notes on the upstairs  and downstairs’ bathroom  mirrors  at  Xavier. If  you do not  know  what I am talking about, someone wrote sticky notes and pasted them to the girls’ bathrooms mirrors at school. Each sticky note gives an inspirational message or just a short, sweet compliment. I think this project goes to show just how amazing the students at Xavier are. This girl spent time out of her day writing and posting these sticky notes on the mirrors just to show others that they are loved. 

According to, seven out of ten high school girls struggle with low self esteem. In 2017, 22% of high school girls reported that they had considered attempting suicide. At a time when so many girls are struggling with so many things in the world, a sticky note can be a nice reminder that they are loved and beautiful. Instead of picking out all my own flaws when looking in the mirror, I am reading the kind messages posted in the bathroom. 

While people might think a sticky note  will  not be of any help to others because it is such a small gesture, that short note might be the one sign that one person needed that day to keep going. For another person, it might just be enough to make her smile or give her confidence on that test next period.

Girls, next time you are in the bathroom, washing your hands and looking in the mirror, focus on the positive notes on the mirror instead of tearing yourself down for what you see in the mirror. Read the words and really take them to heart, you might be surprised to find words you really needed at that moment.

I also want to say a big thank you to the people or person who wrote the notes. You are the embodiment of the phrase “girls supporting girls”. Thank you for using your extra time to help others. Thank you for making girls smile. Thank you for giving girls confidence.  Thank you for helping girls like me feel loved.