Holidays at home

Rachel Schneider

As this year is coming to a close and we arrive closer to Christmas, my heart slowly starts to fill with joy. Maybe it’s because of all the fun lights, decorations or the coziness of it all, but if there’s one thing throughout this year that has put the most joy in my heart, it is my family. 

I can speak for most of us when I say my family and I have spent more time together at home this year than in many years past. It took quarantine in March to make me realize how special my family truly is and how grateful I am to have them with me. They never fail to support me, but they also never fail to make me roll my eyes when they tease me about the most embarrassing moments that I would really just like to forget. 

Looking back, this year has thrown lots of twists and turns at me, like it has with everyone, but my family has managed to get me through it. I’ve had several moments, more like lots of moments, when I’ve cried to my family about how messed up my senior year will be or how I’ve just been so mentally exhausted with school, relationships or other worldly news. They always somehow manage to give me some sage advice to help get me through it. 

I’ve always been an overthinker, and probably always will be, but my family helps to calm my worries. The phrase from our talks that has stuck with me the most is: “You’re a freaking senior. This year is messed up, yes, but this will be such a tiny point in your life and you have so many amazing years ahead of you.” 

I’m  so   lucky  to  have  my  family by my side and I can’t believe it took me until now to truly appreciate them. I know some others aren’t as lucky to have such a supportive family that would do just about anything for them and that truly makes me sad. So please, take the time to cherish these moments during the holiday season with your family or your friends who have become your family in these times. Even if you can’t travel to see extended family, try to FaceTime! I’m sure they’d love the chance to talk and connect. Honestly, I just can’t wait to celebrate a fun and safe Christmas at home as we watch classic Christmas  movies  and  take the time to relish these last few moments we have left of this wacky year.