Sophomores attend retreat

Ellie Meyer, News Writer

The sophomore class had their second Xavier retreat Wednesday, October 21. The main purpose of this retreat was to help students understand the Cardinal Virtues.
“The Cardinal Virtues are the hinge virtues, meaning that all virtues have a component of temperance, fortitude, justice and prudence,” Mrs. Jody Esker said. “All good and moral behavior is built one decision at a time and it is important for people to understand their choices and the control they have over the direction of their life.”
Sophomore year, the retreat is divided between boys and girls. The boys’ retreat was held at Saint Patrick’s Church and the girls attended their retreat at Saint Pius X Church. Mrs. Esker, head of campus ministry, was in charge of organizing both retreats. The retreat’s main event included a Xavier administrator or teacher speaking about one of the four Cardinal virtues.
“The retreat really changed my views on certain things,” sophomore Jack Lemke said. “It is always good to hear the importance of making good decisions from people who have so much experience.”
The girls had the opportunity to hear from Ms. Angela Olson, Mrs. Tracie Marshall, Ms. Jenny Murtha, and Ms. Kristin Soukup. The boys heard from Mr. Tom Keating, Mr. Duane Schulte, Mr. Michael Goldsmith, and Mr. Nick Satterlee. In addition to hearing from speakers, the sophomore class had the opportunity to have small group discussions and participate in various activities.