Athletes in the Arts

Lauren Runde

Xavier’s success in their programs is very apparent, but that success would not be possible without the hard work of the students involved. The football team and band are two programs that require a lot of commitment outside of school, so it is rare to see students who are in both. Here at Xavier High School, there are two students who are in both activities. Martin Bioche and Thomas Klein. 

Martin Bioche is a junior at Xavier High School and plays the trumpet in band and is a split end in football. Thomas Klein is a senior at Xavier High School and plays the trombone in band and is an offenseive and defensive lineman in football. 

Bioche has been in band and football since fourth grade, meanwhile, Klein has been in band since fifth grade and started playing football this year. Bioche got involved with playing an instrument through his music class in elementary school. Bioche did not become involved with football through school, but through his friend Nathan Westhoff who told him that he should start playing. 

For Klein, he got involved with music because his parents encouraged him to do so. Klein had decided to join the football team this year because he had contemplated joining football his sophomore and junior years, but decided that this year he would give it a shot. 

Both said that football has taught them so much about hard work and dedication. Bioche said that through football, he has developed a mental toughness and that he has learned how to balance two commitments at the same time. 

“Practicing after school for three hours every day makes many other things in school seem easy. It’s like what Coach Schulte told our team about taking the bar exam when he was in college: ‘It can’t be harder than football,” Bioche said. 

Both of them have found that through football and band they have made friends and look forward to getting to hangout with them in band class and celebrateing their wins in football. 

“My favorite memory of being on the football team is when we beat Linn-Mar at their stadium. It was a tough week of practice leading up to it, and we got coached up hard. It was really satisfying to celebrate in the locker room after the game knowing that we outworked them,” Bioche said. 

Meanwhile, Klein’s favorite memory of football is when he caught a pass during the senior night football game this year. 

“Not a lot of people can say they’ve caught a pass in a high school football game, so that moment was special to me,” Klein said.

Although it may seem like playing football on Friday nights and playing with the band may be difficult, Bioche and Klein both found a routine that they were used to and could do easily. 

“Tom and I would just have someone take our instruments to the track. When halftime would start, we would take off our helmets, perform and head back to the lockerroom,” Bioche said.  “The hardest part is that you miss some time in the locker room when coaches are talking to the players.”

The band and football team hasvebeen very successful since both Klein and Bioche have been involved. 

“The band has received many Division 1 awards throughout marching band and concert band since I’ve been involved. The biggest accomplishment so far for the football team has been achieving an undefeated regular season at 7-0,” Klein said. 

Bioche also mentioned that they have been in the top three in the Iowa Jazz Championships.  

Bioche is undecided of his future for football and band and is going to see where it leads after completing high school. As for Klein, he is not continuing in football after this year, but is thinking of doing marching band at Iowa State. Both  students have had the opportunity to grow  as individuals and as team players with this uique experience that many others at Xavier do not have.