A different look

Mary Kate Moeder, Sports Writer

It is no secret that sports are looking a bit different this year. 

The COVID-19 virus has caused a lot of change for many, including the 

Saints’ teams. The teams are currently working on adjusting to their “new normal.” All of the Xavier teams are following specific guidelines from their respective state associations to maintain the safety and health of themselves and others during COVID-19. 

 The players are required to follow specific precautions. These precautions are 

expected to be followed not only in practice, but during games, in the locker rooms, and when they are traveling. One of the rules is staying six feet apart at all times. 

“Each practice, players are broken down into small groups to help with social 

distancing,” Activities Director, Adam McDonnell said. 

Along with that, all of the equipment that is used is sanitized both prior to 

practice and after, and all athletes are encouraged to sanitize individually as well. Whenever they are not competing, a mask must be worn. The athletes are also required to complete their health screening on the Varsity Bound App before their practice or game. 

The fan bases and student sections are always a crucial part of sports, and rules 

apply for them too. 

“We are also limiting the total number of spectators (including students) to 

assist with social distancing,” Mr. McDonnell said. 

As far as the student section goes, each student has a designated mark that they 

are required to stand on. The spectators are required to wear a mask at all times. 

Although implementing these habits has been necessary, it has not been easy. 

“Breaking habits of the players and coaches of ‘how it has always been done’ is what makes this the most difficult,” Mr. McDonnell said. “We have to make changes to keep everyone as safe as possible.” 

McDonnell explains how implementing these precautions and guidelines 

allows the teams to keep participating in their respective sports. There seems to be a constant vision of completing the year without interruptions. 

“The goal is to start and finish school and each sport without having 

to stop,” Mr. McDonnell said. 

Following these guidelines outside of the sports environment is just as 

important. The boys cross country coach, Nathan Hopp, believes the guidelines go beyond just the sports. 

“I’ve been reminding the boys constantly that every choice/decision you make 

can affect you and your teammates, and to make good choices when outside of practice, school, etc.,” Coach Hopp said. 

It is safe to say that in order to play, it will take some sacrifice and discipline 

from both the Saints athletes and fans.