Fine arts

Allie Andrews, A&E Writer

As the school year comes to an end, it is important to celebrate the students’ talents, specifically seniors, by showcasing their last projects, concerts, ensembles etc. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, Xavier’s Fine Arts department has had to be creative in ways they can celebrate their students’ accomplishments. 

The Xavier band has been using a soundtrap so that students can collaborate their music. 

“It is nice that Xavier is continuing to offer band because it is very important to all the seniors and underclassmen,” senior Mary Ferden said. It is important to the seniors in band because it is their last year doing band at Xavier.

The band typically has a final concert and banquet at the end of the year as well. 

“I think we are trying to have a banquet in July and potentially have Jazz Band One Perform at it,” Ferden said. 

Along with band, choir and art classes have been trying to put together final projects or concerts for the end of the year. 

“We are in the process of working on putting together a virtual concert that will hopefully be finished within the next few weeks,” senior Noah Fischels said. 

Fischels also hopes that they will be able to get together one last time for a banquet. Although these times are hard, especially for this year’s senior class, choir has continued to bring joy to students’ lives. 

“Each class we try to find a different theme of clothing to wear, which is fun. Most importantly, Mr. Walker makes sure we are all doing okay,” Fischels said. 

Even though it has become quite challenging to display these students’ talents, Mr. Walker and the other directors such as Ms. Swehla, Mrs. Budde and Mr. Rittmiller have been working hard to celebrate their talents. 

Art classes have been working on their final projects and plan to display them virtually. 

“I have been looking forward to showcase my art at the senior art show all throughout high school so I am pretty bummed that we will not be able to showcase in person but I am very excited that Mrs. Budde and Mr. Rittmiller has taken the extra efforts to still make it possible,” senior Taylor Scallon said. 

The virtual art show will give the seniors a chance to present their talent and hard work and celebrate their last year in art at Xavier. 

“It has been difficult to work on finalizing our portfolios without the hands-on critique in class, but we have been making it work through zoom,” Scallon said. 

Scallion also looks forward to coming back to Xavier and leaving her handprint in the art room. By virtually showcasing the students’ hard work and talent, students are able to share their work before they leave Xavier and move on to their next chapter in life.