Saintlike service

Hope Schulte, News Writer

St. Francis de Sales once said, “It is to those who have the most need of us that we ought to show our love more especially.”

In this time of uncertainty, Xavier Saints are using their time, talents and treasures and doing what they know how to do best: helping those in need in the community. These acts of service range from efforts to spread kindness with Saints of Service (SOS), reaching out to parents and students and continuing faith-filled opportunities.

Saints of Service was created on March 31 to help Xavier Catholic Schools’ families during the global pandemic. Every Xavier student was sent an email to have the opportunity to participate and to make thank you cards, sew masks for healthcare workers, participate in yard work and read to younger students all while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Senior leaders, including Key Club President Kate Hessman and Vice President Ella Schulte, worked with Ms. Angela Olson, Holly Loney, Mary Pat Schulte and Xavier’s administration to coordinate and create these events. The coordinators of these events are all grateful for the many student volunteers for Saints of Service.

“We appreciate everyone working together to support the families with the Xavier Catholic School System at this time,” Hessman said. “Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Saints of Service as we are so excited for this project.”

Olson has also been involved in making sure that the faculty and administration reach out to students, families and those in the community. Some of the ways they reach out to those in the community are by having social, emotional, learning and faith (SELF) opportunities in 2B classes, social media posts with events like morning prayer, surveys and calls to parents and staff check-ins. The faculty and administration want those in the Xavier community to know that they are there for them and will support and help them in any way they can.

“This is hard and I know there are many students and families who want to go back to what was normal. Know that faculty, staff and administrators care and are praying for all students and families and are willing to help in any way we can,” Olson said. “Take each day as a challenge to write an incredible story. We have an incredible opportunity to help each other and our community because we truly are the mighty mighty Saints.”

Another way the community can connect and come together is through faith-filled opportunities. One way the Saints did that during Holy Week was through the virtual Stations of the Cross. The Stations of the Cross video was the morning prayer on Good Friday and it was shared through Xavier’s social media platforms. Campus Ministry Coordinator Mrs. Jody Esker, Communications Director Mr. Nick Ireland and a group of Campus Ministry students helped create the prayer offering. Senior Maddie Pithan coordinated the student side of the project with student readers and musicians. The stations were an opportunity for volunteers to showcase their God-given talents in an effort to draw the community closer together.

“It was heartwarming to have so many students jump into action and be willing to share their talents with the Xavier community. God is good,” Esker said.

During this time, the Xavier community can continue to help and serve others in projects alongside Saints of Service. Visit to learn more about Saints of Service.