A bond stronger than ice

Rylee Beardsworth , Sports Writer

“With sons and fathers, there’s an inexplicable connection and imprint that your father leaves on you,” Brad Pitt, father of six, said.

Xavier junior Tyler Wilken has found that  bond  with his dad, Brian Wilken, by spending hours out on a pond    and  on    a   frozen lake together.

“I started ice fishing when I was little and I started because my dad liked to do it and I wanted to go with him,” Tyler said. 

When Tyler was younger, his dad instilled a passion for fishing in him.

“He has taught me everything I know about fishing and the outdoors,” Tyler said. “Without him, I would not have found my love for fishing.”

While out on the water and ice, Brian has shared wise words with Tyler that he will not forget. 

“He taught me the importance of patience. If things are not working out, just wait it out and good things will happen,” Tyler said. 

For Brian, fishing is more than just a hobby that he can pass on to his son. He said he enjoys just experiencing Mother Nature with his son.

“Fishing  with  my  son is  important to me  because it  gives us   both a    chance to enjoy   time  together, while also enjoying a pastime that we both love,” Brian said.

In the winter, Tyler tries to go ice fishing with his dad as much as he can, but it is getting harder to find the time to go.

“My family has gotten really busy  since my sister and I have grown up. We always have something going on during the weekend, making it hard to go fishing,” Tyler said. 

When they are able to find the time, Tyler and his dad usually head to a small farm pond with their truck full of gear.

“We have ice augers to drill holes in the ice, an ice flasher, which is basically a fish finder that you stick through the ice, fishing rods, and if it is windy, we bring an ice tent,” Tyler said. 

Tyler has learned these tricks from his dad like Tyler’s grandpa taught    Brian; the passion for   fishing has been passed down   from generation to    generation. Tyler intends to continue this tradition when he is older.

“I want to carry on the tradition of ice fishing, fishing, hunting and just being outdoors with my kids,” Tyler said. 

The traditions and passions that are handed down through generations will never be forgotten. According to the Wilken family, a bond between a father and a son can never melt away.