Havermann helping out the Hansens

Anna Schenkel, Assistant News Editor

At  only  two  years  old, Tobin Grace Hansen has already faced some of life’s toughest trials.  Tobin Grace Hansen is suffering from Canavan Disease, a genetically progressive childhood brain disease. Canavan Disease causes Tobin to miss a gene that is responsible for breaking down an acid in her brain. By not having this gene, the acid is deteriorating her brain’s white matter. She has been suffering from this since she was four months old. 

 Senior Megan Havermann is family friends with the Hansens, which is how she heard about their story and decided to start her own fundraiser. 

By selling cookies at Xavier, Havermann has helped raise over $500 for Tobin. She hopes to raise more money for her throughout the year by continuing to sell cookies.

“I saw someone who needed help and wanted to do what I could to help her,” Havermann said.

Havermann is not the only one contributing to the cause. 

Meagan Rockwell, Tobin’s mother, started a GoFundMe page in order to fundraise for a vital surgery. If she does not receive this surgery soon, it is unlikely she will make it to her tenth birthday. The GoFundMe page was started on July 29, 2018 and has raised over $70,000 so far. 

Only 300 children suffer from Canavan Disease worldwide.

Tobin’s family plans on participating in events and continuing to spread the word about her disease.

“Our family is fighting hard to fundraise and contribute as much as possible to save our daughter,” Rockwell said. “Bringing awareness to this helps the children affected by this disease.”

Besides the GoFundMe page, other social media platforms made on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter follow Tobin Grace’s journey.

Havermann keeps spreading awareness about Tobin Grace and continues to encourage others to donate to the cause. 

Donations can be made to Tobin Grace at https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-tobin-grace.