Community is key

Hope Schulte, News Writer

The sense of community is one of the common factors that draws people to Xavier High School.

“The best thing about being here is being a part of the Xavier community,” President Chris McCarville said. 

McCarville has been part of the Xavier community as a 1997 graduate of Regis High School, Xavier theology teacher from 2002 to 2008 and assistant football coach. He also spent several years as the head of  Xavier’s theology department and was Xavier’s first Associate Dean of Students. Through these jobs, he learned early on what the Xavier community could achieve. 

“My memories of working here, back at that point in my life, were some of the happiest memories of my life,” McCarville said. “I was here from sun up until sundown and I loved every single minute of it. So for me to get to come back here and serve in this role as president is pretty cool,” 

Activities Director Adam McDonnell also confirms the Xavier community is his favorite aspect about Xavier. 

“From Pam (Barta), to the coworkers, parents and students, everybody has been awesome,” McDonnell said. 

McDonnell graduated from Central DeWitt High School and participated in four sports and the fine arts. McDonnell was a member of the track and field team at the University of Northern Iowa and obtained his degree in physical education and coaching. He taught and coached at Dallas Center-Grimes before coming to Xavier. Although he had never been a part of the community until now, he was told of its strength before coming to Xavier.

“‘The community is amazing, and so far it has been. You know coming in and seeing it is like ‘wow,’” McDonnell said. 

McDonnell and McCarville strive to achieve the best for Xavier and its community through their new roles. They hope to see the community remain strong for years to come.