More than a room

Claire Delaney, Opinion Editor

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Room 226. Known to some as the JLab, but to me, it is a second home. This room has been a safe haven and a place for my creative energy to flow.

The JLab has given me the opportunity to become a better writer, designer and leader. From a newspaper deadline of two weeks to creating a whole yearbook with the best co-editor, Libby Kramer. We have hunted down people for quotes and emailed the few seniors left to submit photos.

This classroom has brought me my best friend, Maddye Cavanagh. We went from never being friends to traveling together, going to concerts and spending way too much time together. I’m so lucky this room brought us together. I’ll forever be grateful you were a part of my high school career, and I can’t wait to see where our friendship goes next.

After being in this room I have grown in my friendships with Keera Ball, Cassidy Erner, Audrey Dempewolf and Jenae Marshall. These girls have seen me work, laugh and cry in this room. We have drawn flowcharts about boys we like and danced to Christmas music during multiple Xcels. I am so fortunate to take these memories and more with me.

Libby Kramer appeared in the JLab sophomore year and I cannot imagine it being the same without her. Thank you for crying when I bring you donuts and going through the crazy process called yearbook with me. You remind me to have fun and eat a donut whenever I can. You are the strong one in this friendship, and I will never be able to repay you for all you have done.

The JLab gave me Mrs. Wagner. Wagner, you have been my rock throughout high school. You inspire me to be a better person and the best version of myself. You listen to my rants and problems with no judgement and always follow up with advice for every situation. Our shared love of coffee has helped us teach freshmen for the first time. You remind me to take on new challenges and think of it as a gift from God. Fortunately, you get to see me every day at least once (thanks to block scheduling) and refuse to admit you’re sick of me always around, so thank you. Thank you for seeing past my sometimes negative attitude and allowing me to be who I am in this room. I thank you for reminding me to get up every day and wash my face no matter what happened the day before.

As I sit here and write, I realize I cannot fit into 400 words all this room has done for me. I have changed throughout high school. I gained new friends and let go of toxic ones and was able to become a better version of myself. The JLab is to thank. Even though I’m ready to graduate, I will not be forgetting this room and the magic it holds. Thank you, JLab, it’s been an amazing three years.