Free Spirit review

William Christianson, A&E Writer

One of today’s youngest artists released his highly anticipated sophomore album. On April 5, Khalid delivered his second studio album Free Spirit. Khalid blew up in 2017 with the release of his first album American Teen and has become one of today’s most popular artists. Khalid appealed to the younger generation as most of his songs from his first album relate to a teenager’s life, because he was only 19 when he released the project. Even though Khalid is no longer a teen himself he still makes music for the youth.

Fans have been waiting for a new project from Khalid for some time as he has only released one EP containing seven songs between the two albums. Khalid started teasing this project about a month prior to its debut by releasing three singles off of the album a couple of weeks beforehand. After a long wait, he finally gave his fans what they wanted. Fans were happy, to say the least.

Free Spirit contains 17 songs with only two having features. This album has a chill, laid back vibe like his older music but the songs are not too similar, which is helpful for a project this size. This album contains five good songs: “Bad Luck,” “My Bad,” Better,” “Talk” and “Outta My Head.” Besides this, the rest of the songs on this album are average and do not stand out, but overall this is still a successful album. 7/10.