Econ team takes fourth

Michele Barnum , News Writer

Great opportunities lead to greater success, a motto that remained true to Xavier High School’s Economic team. This year, four students, Garrett Coester, Michael Coester, Evan Lemker and Grant Schnoebelen participated in the Junior Achievement Titan Economic Challenge held at Kirkwood Regional Center on April 10.

Lemker and Schnoebelen placed fourth, while the Coesters placed eighth out of 24 teams. “This seemed like a fun and cool way to do activities involving economics, a topic I find interesting. Plus there was an opportunity for scholarship money,” Schnoebelen said.

High school students around Iowa were selected by their schools to participate in the J.A. Economic Challenge. Xavier students prepared by using public versions of the simulator and looking up strategies online.

“I wanted to participate in this to enhance my learning in the business field,” Michael said.

This event takes place every year for students who are selected, challenging them to learn more about economics and to explore different careers in the business field.