Apple Music vs. Spotify

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Everybody listens to music but the one thing separating listeners is what streaming platform they use. Right now the two biggest music streaming platforms are Apple Music and Spotify.

Although these serve the same purpose, people will vow for either side and will be able to defend why their platform is better. I’m going to give some insight on each side.

The easiest way to find the true winner is a pro con list, starting with Spotify. The first pro to Spotify is the better variety. Spotify has many more small artists on their platform than Apple, so it’s easier to discover new artists. The next thing that is a big plus for Spotify is the pre-made playlists for genres. How these playlists work for example, the rap playlist “Rap Caviar” is all the new, most popular rap songs at the time. This helps users find new music easier and by knowing what has recently been released. The biggest pro of Spotify, in my opinion, is at the end of the year they give you a break down of how much music you listened to, who your favorite artists were and you favorite songs.

Now for some of the cons, the first con is the fact it is not as easy to navigate as Apple Music. All the options are weirdly scattered throughout the app making it inconvenient.

The last con of Spotify is the overall aesthetic of the app compared to Apple Music.

Now, the first pro of Apple Music is customization of your menu and the overall aesthetic compared to Spotify. The second pro is it is easier to navigate through the app and is easier to use. The next pro is sometimes artists who have a deal with Apple Music will release some projects that are Apple Music exclusives.

Some of the cons to Apple Music is that it is not as easy to queue songs as it is on Spotify or as easy to make playlists. The last con of Apple Music is that it is membership only and has no free trial like Spotify. At the end of the day, whichever one you use is all based on personal preference.

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Apple Music vs. Spotify