Music between classes

Hayley Seymour, A&E Writer

Many people wear earbuds during passing period and class, but some teachers provide the music for their students. Teachers Mrs. Emily Moses, Dr. Jason Reed, Ms. Vicki Hoffman and Mr. Nate Greene are among the teachers who greet students with music while they settle into their next class. Some teachers play music for their own enjoyment, and others play purely for the students’ benefits. Moses plays music to ensure her students understand her classroom environment and have fun while learning.

“I hope it [playing music] does help students to know what to expect when you come to Room 227 – we’ll have some fun, but we’re also going to learn and put the work in, which has always been my teaching motto,” Moses said.

According to a Stanford experiment, music engages the parts of the brain associated with concentrating, memory and making predictions. Other studies have shown listening to classical or reserved music while trying to study helps people to memorize content. While learning a new language, it is always helpful to learn and experience the culture. Hoffman tries to get everyone fully immersed in the diverse culture while learning a new language. “The music, food, and traditions of another culture are just as important as vocabulary and grammar when learning a language. Playing music in Spanish in between classes and as students enter the classroom, just sets the vibe for some Spanish language learning,” Hoffman said.

Listening to certain genres can evoke many different emotions.

“I like to play specific songs for the times, such as “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang since it is our slogan this year, and “We Are the Champions” by Queen when we win championships, but really anything that has a funky beat,” Moses said.

Music can help students with working on homework, memorizing new material and concentrating. Many can benefit from listening to music throughout classes and passing periods.