Get a job

Claire Delaney, Opinion Editor

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Do you owe your parents money? Can you buy food when you go out with friends? Can you chip in for a present when it is your friend’s birthday? If you answered no to these questions, I have a simple solution for you: get a job.

Claire Delaney’s place of work, Zeppelins, stands in front of a beautiful sunset. Photo Submitted.

I applied for jobs the day I turned 16 because I wanted a say over money that was just mine. Getting a job at Zeppelins was one of the best decisions I’ve made in high school. I have a great group of coworkers who have become my friends and people I can turn to. I’ve learned to work hard and talk to customers even when they are complaining about the littlest things. Most importantly, I have my own source of income. While I’m not even close to making six figures, I do have a small amount of money saved for college and fun money to spend on the weekends with friends.

Getting a job gives me the ability to gain work experience and help build a resume needed for future jobs. Having a job gives me some financial freedom to spend my hard earned money when and where I want to. This job has taught me to put on a smile and listen to the customer’s wants and needs even after a long day at school. I feel more ready to take on challenges and feel confident that I can balance my life along with my work schedule. I’ve learned to talk to people of any age and that old people especially love to talk about the weather. These social skills will benefit me for years to come.

I’m not saying work forty hours a week and maintain your high school grades. No. Instead, work hard, make your own money and have an income to call your own. Whether you get a job making sandwiches, taking care of kids or work at a gym, own it and work hard at it. Getting a job is a freedom everyone needs to experience.

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