Save, do not betray

Samantha Zearley, Beginning Journalism Student

Every year in America 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in shelters. This is
a problem that is solvable and often overlooked. Rescue dogs are the most loving and caring dogs you can find. Last year I adopted a rescue dog from hurricane Harvey who had been abused and locked inside a cage for the first year of her life. Throughout the last year she has shown my family and me that all she wants is to be loved and cared for. Instead of paying $500+ on a purebred who is fed, loved and taken care of, pay around $50 for a dog who desperately needs a home and who will love you unconditionally.

Buying a purebred dog instead of rescuing a dog is a waste of money and is not worth it. The dogs who live every day in fear, who wonder if they’ll get fed everyday and who do not have a real family to love them, deserve a loving family and a home. Rescuing dogs not only benefits the dog, but it is beneficial to the owner. Rescuing dogs makes you feel happy and gives you a feeling of saving a life. That feeling is something not everyone gets to experience, especially if you buy a dog from a breeder. If you are looking into getting a dog, go to your nearest rescue or even to an online rescue, such as Fur Fun Rescue!

Dogs deserve to be loved and taken care of, not overlooked because of what they’ve been through. Stop spending so much money on dogs who have homes and have people taking care of them day and night. Start adopting rescue dogs who have been through the most and need a family that will care for them and a have safe home for them to live in.