Globokar resigns from Regis

Michele Barnum, News Writer

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An era has ended for Regis Middle School. After eight years of being principal, Mrs. Beth Globokar has decided to resign. She has been a teacher and an administrator for 21 years, teaching religion and social studies at Fenwich High School in Oak Park, IL and at Regina in Iowa City, and working as an associate principal at Xavier High School. Principal Globokar recently announced that this would be her last year at Regis Middle School.

“I have loved working with the awesome teachers and staff here. But mostly, I love the opportunity to get to see students grow, change, and mature during a very critical age of development,” Globokar said.

Globokar has loved everything about Regis from high fives to the developing of attitudes. She said she will miss the students and being able to watch them grow throughout high school. Yet, she is excited to start her new journey.

“Over the past few years, I’ve discerned a need to spend more time focusing on my primary vocation as a wife and mother,” Globokar said. “While my role as a Catholic educator is a vocation, it’s my secondary vocation. It’s been in my heart to make a change over the past few years and this year seemed like the right time to make that change.”

Her youngest child, Abigail Globokar, is a freshman at Xavier. Abigail said that she is happy for her mother and is excited for the changes to come.

“I don’t really know how this will affect my family quite yet, except that I’ll get to see my mom more and spend more time with her, which is really great,” Abigail Globokar said.

After resigning, Principal Globokar plans to attend Mass and Eucharistic Adoration more frequently. She also plans to help with Xavier Community Service Day and take her parents to appointments. At the same time, she will be focusing on her role within her family.