Bird Box Challenge

Sarah Cunningham, News Editor

It has been reported that over 45 million accounts on Netflix watched the movie Bird Box during the first seven days of its release in December.

Shortly after, memes began to surface on the internet which have contributed to its success.

References from this movie have taken social media by storm, with many users recording themselves and trying to attempt the Bird Box Challenge.

The Bird Box Challenge dares people to wear a blindfold and perform daily tasks that the actors in the movie had to do to survive. Although it might be fun to blindly attempt running, riding an escalator or simply walking, it has been deemed very dangerous due to recent injuries like broken bones or concussions. It has also been reported that a teenager from Utah collided with oncoming traffic when she pulled her hat down to cover her eyes.

As a result of this, Netflix issued a warning on Twitter which urged people to not take part in this challenge. Their one wish for 2019 is for people to not end up in the hospital due to memes.