Boycott brutal brands

Anna Schenkel, Beginning Journalism Student

Cosmetic companies are concealing things—and it’s not just under eye bags.

Recently, I came across an article listing all the makeup brands that test their products on
animals. Feelings of horror and disgust have continued to resonate with me the past few weeks. These are brands I have used countless times throughout my years owning makeup. I had heard of animal testing, but I naively assumed it didn’t happen anymore.

Every year, between 100,000 to 200,000 animals are killed by cosmetic tests. The companies will first use their products on the animal’s eyes or their shaved skin and then wait to see a reaction. If the animal being tested lives through the cosmetic application, it will be killed after the tests are conducted because the animal has no further use for the company.

If you wear makeup, please STOP using the following brands who conduct animal testing: Estée Lauder, Rimmel London, Clinique, Maybelline, Mary Kay, NARS, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Make Up For Ever, L’Oreal, MAC, Revlon, and Dior.

After finding out all of this information, I was still confused and distraught as to why the animal testing process still exists. The research showed the companies use this method to conduct tests because they want new ingredients for their products. Thousands of makeup ingredients already exist, but certain companies insist on developing new materials. While I realize this method is done to prevent adverse reactions on humans, animal testing is a cruel way to execute this goal.

I was so appalled that I mentioned what was happening and the companies conducting the tests to several people. One person said, “Oh, now I’m going to feel bad anytime I use those products.” The fact that someone would continue to support a brand who uses animal testing caused me to feel the same as when I first discovered the article.

Every product you refuse to buy will help these animals. Spend your money on brands that won’t hurt living creatures. A simple change can save a life.