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May 15, 2019
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One of today’s most underrated artists has released a new project fans have been waiting to hear. On November 29, Skizzy Mars released a collaboration project with Prelow called I Can’t Take Me Anywhere. Despite being a smaller artist, Skizzy has made songs with big artists such as G Eazy, Blackbear and others and is a very talented and versatile artist.

Mars’s fans have been waiting for a new project as he had not dropped any new music since his last EP Are You OK?. This album did not generate a lot of hype, as it was announced on twitter only a couple days before its actual release. Despite the lack of hype, the album is very good and put together well. This project has a similar sound to a lot of Skizzy’s previous music.

This is a short album containing nine songs and with one single released, but this makes it easy to listen all the way through as it is only 24 minutes long. This album has five really good songs which is impressive for a project of this size. The best songs on the album include Wake Up, Come a Little Closer, R U OK, Who Ruined Your Night and Talk is Cheap. This project is a more relaxed album similar to a lot of his other music but is still something new and definitely stands out. This album contains no features. If they added a couple features, it could have made the album a little more popular with some bigger names attached to it.

Because Skizzy Mars is a smaller artist, this album will definitely not get the recognition it deserves, but it has the potential to put his name out to new fans. This album is one of his best projects and will not be forgotten. 8/10.


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