Death Race for Love Review

Will Christianson, A&E Writer

One of today’s biggest names in hip-hop released his sophomore album. On March 8, Juice Wrld released his second solo album Death Race for Love. Juice Wrld is one of today’s fastest growing artists. This growth in popularity started after his two singles “All Girls Are the Same” and “Lucid Dreams” blew up and gave Juice a mainstream name in the rap community.

Juice fans have been waiting for a new album for almost a year, especially since his recent collab album with Future, WRLD ON DRUGS, was not very popular. Juice finally gave the fans what they have been waiting for. He released two singles prior to the album “Robbery” and “Hear Me Calling”. The succeeding album had a lot of hype because of the success of his first album. It is safe to say that Juice’s new album has lived up to the hype and has proven how good of an artist Juice really is. Juice claims to have recorded this project in four days and also says he freestyled the entire album. The album sold 164,000 copies in the first week and started at the number one spot on Apple Music and Billboard charts.

The album contains 22 songs with two singles. This album is good, but very similar to all of Juice’s other music. The album has four songs that stand out like “Empty,” “Maze,” “Robbery” and “Flaws and Sins.” For an album of this size, only four songs standing out is not very impressive. He should have spent more time on the production of the album and limited the album to fewer songs. Juice fans seem to enjoy anything he puts out, but for people who aren’t huge fans of him this album will not be very relevant to them. Overall, it is an average album with a couple of highlights. 7/10.