A final thank you

Maddye Cavanagh , Media Editor

December 21st. The last day, I’ll roam the halls as a true Xavier Saint. Most people assume I have some underlying hatred for Xavier that caused me to leave early, but really it’s quite the contrary. When I look back at my three and a half years here, I have nothing but gratitude for everyone who crossed my path. With time running out, I have a few thank yous I must say before I go my own way.

Thank you to the choir department. From Ms. DeJong allowing me to cry in her room sophomore year when I felt my heart break, to Mr. Walker always encouraging me to be better and supporting me endlessly. I can easily say they impacted my high school career more than they think. Thank you.

Thank you to my friends, old and new. To Anna Mlodzik, Caitlyn Lehner, Lauren Nelson, Macy Lembeck and Sara Noronha, thank you for being my closest friends since elementary and middle school. I think we all can agree we’ve not only physically grown, but mentally grown into better people. My parents can agree when I say there is no one better to surround myself with. Whether it’s Sara being the sensible one and telling me not to do something stupid, Lauren being the protective one to make sure I don’t get hurt, Macy giving tough love and punching me while screaming “love you”, Caitlyn being the funny one and always knowing how to cheer me up or Anna being the most supportive and willing to listen any time of the day; you all play a part in my life and I am forever grateful.  To those I’ve met along my journey, especially Claire Delaney, thank you. My life is never dull because of you and I know I have someone to call when I need to cry, laugh or just have some coffee. Even though we haven’t been friends for that long, I consider you family.

Thank you to my favorite teacher, Mrs. Wagner. You have always pushed me to try something new, and you were there whether it flopped or succeeded. From giving me the opportunity to go to San Francisco, California to being the smile I need to see every morning, you have impacted me in a way that makes me strive to be more kind, more understanding, and more faithful. The JLab has been a home to me. For those even thinking about signing up for Beginning Journalism, Newspaper or Yearbook, do it. Along with a class that lets you express your opinion and creativity, you also get an awesome teacher.

Thank you to my cheer coaches, all four of you. Every one of you have shaped me into the person I am today, and given me opportunities I never imagined. More recently, thank you to Erica Rheinschmidt, my final high school coach. I have had the time of my life and am so thankful you took on the job of handling so many high school girls.

Last but certainly not least, thank you to my parents, Tom and Janae Cavanagh. While it pains you to see your little girl grow up faster than you would like, thank you for supporting me and making all of this possible. I know things seem like they’re moving at 100 mph, but don’t worry. You did an amazing job as parents and I’ll never forget that.

To those who still have time, enjoy it. Xavier High School is a special place. Even though it is not perfect, you have a chance to make it amazing, take it.